English Mass & Camino 19

Having been to the Pilgrims’ Mass conducted in Spanish, the next day we attended an English Mass at the cathedral but in one of the side chapels.

It was far more intimate than the main cathedral, and being full, had a really lovely atmosphere.

We began by introducing ourselves – where we were from and how long we had travelled which all just added to this intimacy.

The service was led by a retired Australian priest who had completed 16 Caminos, so the service was very pilgrim orientated.  He left us with a lovely pilgrims prayer that is reproduced below.


The altar at the English Mass


We then spent the next couple of days relaxing, talking to other pilgrims and reflecting on our Camino. We also had some fun trying on traditional Spanish clothing.


Trying on the traditional outfits

It was such a fantastic spiritual journey that we decided we want to return. We also want to spread the word and encourage others to experience what we encountered, which is part of the reason for writing this blog (hope we haven’t put you off!).

So if you are interested in joining us next year please get in touch.

Until then, God Bless you all.

Liz xx

Pilgrims Prayer

We thank you, God, for bringing us safely here and for the many blessings and gifts of our pilgrimage.

The company and kindness of strangers, the beauty of the way, the joy of travelling light, the strength to go on even in difficulties are reminders of your presence within us and among us.

Now that we have arrived, we remember all our loved ones, especially those who have been in our hearts and minds as we walk the Camino. As we return home, give us courage to live in the spirit of the Camino so that we may make this world a more loving and peaceful place for everyone.

We make our prayer through Jesus who is the Way, the Truth  and the Life.



Cathedral at Santiago di Compostela

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