Ribadiso to O Pedruzo (Guest Blog)

When we arrived in Spain and drove to our starting point, we got the distinct impression that the ‘walk in’ to Santiago would be along many roads.  How wrong we were.  The route has been well planned taking in the best of nature.

I just want to share the beauty of our last full day before we arrive in Santiago.

Our penultimate stopover was at Ribadiso, a little hamlet consisting of some farm buildings an albergue and a restaurant.

All these pictures were taken in Ribadiso just using moonlight for illumination.  The camera has AI (Artificial Intelligence), a sign of things to come!

In the morning we set off for O Pedruzo, our last stop before Santiago and here are some more of nature’s highlights.


The tree struck by lightning



More Beautiful Forests


We also find a lovely totally organic cafe on the way.  Such a beautiful morning, Liz decides to give us a song. Mind you I am not sure Nick is appreciating it!!


In fine voice

We finally arrive in O Pedruso but not before the obligatory 2km uphill climb in the blazing sun – that was tough, but we make it, only to find probably the worst accommodation of the whole trip.  To be fair everywhere we have stayed has been good, but this is not.

Pension 9 De Abril smells of TCP and I am not talking about the antiseptic!  The problem is the lack of ventilation.  Oh well we can put up with it for one night. So we head out for dinner at a recommended restaurant.

You may have picked up that vegetables rarely appear on the menu in this part of Spain.  This restaurant was no exception,  it had two menus, one featuring entrecote steak or steak on the bone.  That was the choice, so guess what, we all had?

The steak was excellent, but it was all cooked in the restaurant without an extractor fan,  so now we all smell of cooking as well as damp from the hostel, a fine combination.

We have fresh clothes waiting for us in Santiago, so we leave at the crack of dawn. We are nearly there……





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