Follow the Yellow Brick Road – Amen

This dark morning in Porto de Bois is very wet, and being in the middle of the woods, it is pretty creepy too. Wearing my poncho, I remind myself of the Wicked Witch of the West character from the Wizard of Oz. So with this in mind, I designate everyone a name. Robin is Scarecrow because he is still hobbling, Caroline is the Tin Man, because she is creaking a bit and Nick is the Lion because he is quite an effervescent character who blows a lot of hot air! (ha ha). It’s surprising how little it takes for us all to become age seven again, and before long, we are chanting “Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!” in the middle of a dark wood.


Lions Tigers and Bears Oh My!

The day remains wet, and I am quite content with this as I walk along listening to some of our Priest’s meditations and homilies. Father Eamonn completed the whole camino about six or seven years ago and he has been an inspiration to us to be here today. His Blogspot and meditations can be found at Fr. Eamonn’s Blog

I feel very close to God and imagine every breath I take is the Holy Spirit. It invigorates me and I pray for my family and friends back home.

During the Camino I have had many thoughts. Some good and some not so good. At times I have felt confused and at others I’ve felt blessed. I pray that Christ will be ever more present in my life and help me to know him more and to hear him more. I believe we are all connected to each other through the Holy Spirit and it has never been more apparent than on this journey. If only I could bottle some of this to take back home with me, although I know when I return to my church and listen to Father Eamonn I am always inspired.

I begin to wish more people could take the time to experience what I and many others experience on this journey, so they have something to hang on to and to console them when more difficult times come along.

I reach a concrete path and as I walk, I feel the rain running off the ends of my trousers and into my shoes. It’s a pleasant feeling, and as I listen to some pan pipe music, my mind wanders. I notice the way in which the water meanders over the hard surface of the concrete, always finding a way around obstacles, and then I notice some factory buildings. It brings me round to thinking about the way we treat our planet, and yet at the same time worry about pollution. Some of us seem to be either hypocritical or in the dark about the truth of what is really happening in the industrial world. I worry.

It reminds me of a programme I watched before starting the Camino on how the production of cotton is one of the main polluters of our world. That and the constant obsession with buying more throw-away clothes with the changing fashions and the must-have designer brands that most people struggle to afford just to give the impression of wealth. I really don’t know the half of it, I think. But is it this naivety that money making industries rely on while they are destroying the face of the earth?  I think of the bad press the internet gets, but hope that it will help us all to see the truth and know exactly what is happening out there. How we are sacrificing our planet for greed and wealth.

My mind goes back to the meandering path of the rain water, and I am consoled again with the thought that just like the stream, nature will find a way. I say the prayer Glory Be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end Amen.



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