Rain again & The Shining (Guest Blog)

“The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain”

Well I can assure you that it doesn’t.  It is quite happy soaking us in the mountains.

Santiago is getting ever closer and we start off in good spirits


but the journey is taking its physical toll.


The face says it all


Tonight we are heading towards an isolated refuge in a hamlet called Porto du Bois, so that should be interesting, but we have to get there first.

Blisters are becoming more of a feature and figuring out ways of managing them to get us across the finishing line are becoming more creative.



At our late morning stop at an albergue, it is boots off to adjust plasters, and Nick comes up with a very welcome blister solution.  Hot chocolate all round with a large shot of the finest rum – I can assure all you doubters that rum and zinc tape works better than Compeed!

As the medicinal effects of the rum start to wear off we are buoyed by some stunning scenery


Mass just finishing

However, I can tell that Liz is beginning to flag and then as if by magic, around the corner is a jewellery shop (those that know her, know that she just loves her jewellery).

On our whole journey we have only seen shops in main towns, now in the middle of nowhere, a jewellery shop!!


Jewellery shop


Soon after the shopping stop we start to enter a woodland area populated with amazing Eucalyptus trees and Sweet Chestnut. The smell and colours are intoxicating.



Eucalyptus Forest

Dazzled by nature, the afternoon walk is beautiful


and before we know it, we are at our accommodation for the night, Apartamentos Turísticos Porto de Bois.

When I pictured an ‘isolated refuge’ I imagined something basic.  This place is not too shabby, but it does have an isolated almost “The Shining” feel about it, particularly when we discover the owner’s daughter taking pictures of us through the window in our apartment – creepy!


Apartamentos Turísticos Porto de Bois

We are also the only guests, apart from a lone mute Spaniard, who looks remarkably like Jack Nicholson!

As darkness falls there is a definite chill in the air!

Huddled up in our apartment, all we can hear are eerie noises from the pitch black forest around us, and I am sure that I saw something dash past our windows. Also what is in that padlocked tin shack on the top of the hill overlooking our room???

Anyway we are all hungry and have ordered dinner. The only problem is that we have to navigate across an unlit courtyard to get to the dining room.  We all keep close, with hunger driving us forward and gingerly open the door to the dinning area.

What a fantastic restaurant (and veg!) and although we were alone, apart from the grunting Spaniard, our host created a superb ambience with some cool tunes and served us one of the best meals on the Camino.


Mind you we did double lock our doors that night!!!!!

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