Next stop is Portomarin, and it looks like rain again.

The journey seems to last forever. Seeing Robin hobbling along is taking its toll on both of us. We eventually see the town in the distance, but it is all downhill from here, which is a living nightmare for Robin.

Nick and Caroline are waiting for us to arrive at the bottom. We enter the town via a bridge across a river and Nick becomes a bit wobbly. He reveals he doesn’t like heights, so the view of the valley below as we walk over the river is a hard one for him. We then come to our next hurdle, which is a steep flight of about a hundred concrete steps into the town. This wouldn’t normally be a problem but given the number of kilometres we have already travelled and the heat of the afternoon, Robin tries to cover his pain and exasperation without success. “How did you manage to organise another hill to climb, Nick?” Poor Nick gets as much blame as the guide book when it comes to finding our hostels at the end of the day. He organised the whole trip, and this is all the thanks he gets.

This time it is not a hostel but a hotel and it’s a good one. I can tell because of the absence of the dreaded sausage pillow which has been a constant feature of all the other albergue. This place is modern, comfortable and even offers a spa. But at 10 euros each, we decide to have a drink outside on the terrace instead.


Outside our hotel

The laughter resumes and we forget all about our woes and enjoy this time together. I decide to have a shower before dinner and limp back to the room. Two seconds later, the wind whips up, and the umbrella I’ve been sitting under suddenly crashes down on to the seat where I’d been sitting just a second ago! Wow! How fortunate am I? My prayers have been answered again, I think to myself. I give thanks to God and get ready to go out.

“Will it be the short-sleeved t-shirt or the long-sleeved t-shirt with the black shorn off trousers tonight? Mmm..I can’t decide. I’ll wear both.” I’m really beginning to like living out of a rucksack. There are certainly no decisions to make about what to wear, and make-up is non-existent, so getting ready to go out takes no time at all!



O dear

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