The Journey Begins….

Thanks for joining me!

It all started when I was travelling in the province of Foggia in northern Apulia in southern Italy.

Having recently become confirmed into the Catholic faith, I was interested in finding out more about my nominated saint – St. Pio. So I decided to visit the Padre Pio Shrine in San Giovanni Rotondo.  And what a beautiful place it was! I will never forget the aroma of Lavender that hit me as I walked towards the crypt and the large crowds of queuing Italians (yes, really queuing) to see and touch St. Pio’s tomb. All this against a backdrop of the hospital that St. Pio founded in this small town.

Later, I visited Monte Sant’Angelo, just up the mountain, where Saint Michael the Archangel appeared in 490, 492 and 493AD. Here, I found a church situated within a cave. It was truly atmospheric, although quite hard on the knees when it came to kneeling for Mass!

Related image

Monte Sant’Angelo

On my way out of the cave, I was greeted by a small group of Franciscan nuns who were eager to talk. They were extremely inspiring, and they revealed that they have no income and rely solely on charity. Judging by their healthy appearance, they were doing very well on it! I was particularly touched when they told me that I was blessed and had been chosen to enter the Catholic faith.


A few years later, I travelled to Lourdes,


followed by Medjugorje in Bosnia.



Both of which inspired me to go on this incredible Camino de Santiago to walk and meet people from all walks of life with one question in common – What’s it all about?


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